Readers React: The idea that Prop. 13 was meant to protect seniors is propaganda


To the editor: I disagree strongly with the letter writer who stated that Proposition 13 was designed to help seniors who, before 1978, could not afford the escalating property tax bills. That was the propaganda.

In reality, Proposition 13 helps mostly businesses with huge, valuable locations pay a small property tax. As a senior, I purchased my condominium after 1978 and pay more than many homeowners with twice the space in Beverly Hills.

What was really harmed was our state budget, with less money available for education and infrastructure. This is still the case, as we now have tax inequality, classes with 38 students, worn-out schools with no librarians or counselors, poor roadways, and power lines inferior to those that are now underground in several European countries.


Lynne Shapiro, Marina del Rey


To the editor: The real issue with Proposition 13 is one of fairness.

Homeowners who bought, say, in 1999, are driving on 2019 streets and using other 2019 government services, while paying only a small amount more than what these services cost 20 years ago.

I’m all for protecting the homes of the elderly, which could be done easily with a bifurcated system, but I’m tired of paying more than my share because greedy people want to use grandma and grandpa as an excuse.

Will Powers, San Luis Obispo

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