Readers React: Do you want to take your kids to school in the dark? Then don’t support permanent daylight saving time


To the editor: At first, The Times Editorial Board’s endorsement of Proposition 7, which would allow the state to eventually switch to permanent daylight saving time, might seem sensible. But consider the ramifications.

Think of the effect on flight and TV schedules. Television shows would need to have a different time listing for their West Coast feeds, and anyone who’s flown into Phoenix knows that Arizona stays on Mountain Standard Time and therefore for most of the year has the same time as Los Angeles. This confuses people when they look at departure and arrival times.

Alternatively, we could have the entire country on daylight saving time, but that would have a nasty side effect. As someone who grew up in Montana, I recall catching a school bus before sunrise at 8 a.m. in December and January.


Hawaii has valid excuses to remain on standard time year round. It is alone in its time zone and much closer to the equator, so there is much less of a seasonal difference in daylight hours.

Think about it.

John Lane, Stanton

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