Readers React: Rush Limbaugh and cats: How readers deal with their raccoon and rat problems

According to one reader, raccoons dislike talk radio.
(Milton, W.Va., Police Department)

To the editor: Like columnist Steve Lopez, I had a pest problem at my house.

Raccoons were living under our bathroom in a spot that had a pipe access hatch in an adjacent closet. They were actually pushing the hatch door trying to get into the house.

This went on for days until a friend gave us a tip: Play talk radio next to the hatch constantly. It seems that raccoons can’t stand the human voice.

The raccoons left within days. Thank you, Rush Limbaugh.


Albert Flynn, Burbank


To the editor: I bought a house 10 years ago that had been a rental forever. It came with a humongous rat problem.

A pest control expert told me to get a cat; I can only guess he was promptly fired by his company for causing it to lose my business.


I had absolutely no more rats. If they even smell a cat, they stay away. And, my cat is an indoor one.

Of course if you don’t like cats, you are out of luck. My recommendation: Make peace with one pronto.

Susan Harris, Glendale

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