Readers React: Give Ref Rodriguez’s school board seat to Bennett Kayser, who was cheated out of his post in 2015


To the editor: Former Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education President Ref Rodriguez cheated to win his seat in 2015. Whether it’s the Olympics or horse racing, if the winner cheats, the runner-up gets the gold.

Bennett Kayser, the incumbent board member defeated by Rodriguez in 2015, is a great educator who was robbed of a deserved victory. Is The Times Editorial Board so twisted by its support for charter schools and their wealthy financial backers that it refuses to recommend rewarding this deserving, honest public servant with the post he really won?

John Gallogly, Los Angeles



To the editor: Rodriguez is hardly a “respected educator,” as the print subheadline on your front-page article claims. He’s a liar and a cheat. He is hardly an example of the kind of leadership we want for our children. He used taxpayer dollars to grow his charter organization as well as his pocketbook.

After pleading guilty to a felony county of conspiracy, Rodriguez received only a fine, 60 days of community service and probation. Some punishment.

This is not a good example to our children about being accountable. He should have been given time in jail.

Marilyn Fils, Tarzana

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