Readers React: Selective Service is ageist, undemocratic and immoral. Do away with it

The Selective Service draft lottery takes place in Washington on Feb. 2, 1972.
(Charles W. Harrity / AP)

To the editor: Thank you for your editorial opposing mandatory Selective Service System registration.

As a parent of two children, one identified male at birth and the other identified female, and a member of the Religious Society of Friends (also known as Quakers), I believe that the Selective Service System registration is ageist, in that it only targets youth; sexist, in that it only targets those identified male at birth; undemocratic, as it takes away the right to religious freedom; and immoral, since it takes away the choice to follow one’s conscience.

I take issue with the statement at the end of your editorial, “Yes, of course, women have a civic duty just like men and should be called upon to serve if that time of need comes.”


Eighteen-year-olds have done their civic duty by attending school K-12 and should not be mandated to be of service. Voluntary service is doing something passionately out of an inner call to help your cause or country.

Kate Connell, Santa Barbara

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