Readers React: Billionaires have enough earthly problems of their own making to fix before going to the moon


To the editor: I had to clear my eyes and reread the portion of the op-ed that mentions “new space entrepreneurs” such as Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk who are targeting the moon. I have to wonder what motivates these men to spend time and money on such a quixotic pursuit when they have both created more serious problems on Earth.

If Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has so much money that he can fund space travel, then why does he need to extract huge financial incentives from whichever city is chosen as the location for its second headquarters?

Likewise, it seems clear that Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, should be focused on making his car company a viable auto manufacturer. The earthlings who are his employees and customers are depending on that.


People should set their priorities and follow through with the appropriate decisions and actions. It seems that a reset is needed in the case of these two men.

Mitchel Kadish, Venice

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