Opinion: McCain’s moment of truth, mostly hailed

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) leaves the the Senate chamber at the U.S. Capitol after voting on the GOP 'Skinny Repeal' health care bill on July 28, in Washington.
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To the editor: Sen. John McCain encourages his colleagues to “stop the political gamesmanship” and put the needs of the country first. Really?

(Re “On a night of high drama, McCain held center stage,” July 29)

McCain has redefined political gamesmanship. First, his dramatic post-op Senate entrance and vote that kept the hateful McConnell-Trump-Ryan healthcare scheme in play.

Then, oh-so-dramatically, he stands in the well of the Senate, right arm outstretched as colleagues hold their collective breaths. With a quick thumbs down, McCain seals the fate of this misbegotten pathetic excuse for legislation that never should have even seen the light of day.

McCain and fellow GOP Sens. Murkowski and Collins are now hailed as heroes.


But consider this: All three expressed grave reservations about Trump before the election, yet none stood on principle after the election and lobbied to keep electors from handing Trump the presidency.

Think of the grief they could have saved the country and the world if they and nearly 200 GOP elected officials, who knew what a travesty a Trump presidency would be, had at least made an all-out effort to block him.

That would have been heroic.

Claude Goldenberg, Seal Beach


To the editor: I believe the old warrior, the war hero, knew exactly what he was doing. Sen. McCain, with whom I most often disagree, voted for debate consistent with his belief that legislation should be openly debated, knowing all along that he would vote against any measure that the GOP power brokers brought to the floor.

I think he knew any such bill was bound to fail the “smell test;” that is, it would not be properly vetted, nor would it advance the cause of better healthcare for Americans. Bravo, Sen. McCain.

James Stiven, Cardiff


To the editor: Trump, who holds many grudges and believes in punishing his foes, more than anyone else should appreciate the big “screw you” that McCain gave to him with his No vote on healthcare repeal. Good for McCain. And Trump can’t fire him.

Anita Roglich, Santa Monica


To the editor: I say kudos to Sen. McCain for his dramatic negative vote to avoid 16 million Americans being thrown under the bus. I salute this brave soldier for his fortitude to stand up to this cruel administration.

The Obamacare health plan is not perfect, but with bipartisan participation could be improved. The GOP seems to have no qualms about the welfare of American people, but only increasing the coffers of the wealthiest.

Peter Jansz, Reseda


To the editor: it seems to me that Trump made a rookie mistake that any business person — from the start of a career — knows not to do: he burned a bridge. When Trump insulted national hero McCain — saying he was not a hero — he was setting himself up for this loss.

Or to put it another way, Trump’s a loser. He doesn’t like losers, so he should do the honorable thing and resign.

Ed Sinderman, Laguna Woods

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