Opinion: School stadiums are a Texas-sized rivalry

Allen Eagles stadium
Eagle Stadium,home to the Allen High School Eagles football team, seats 18,000 and cost $60 million.
(Allen Independent School District)

To the editor: Are you kidding — $60-million high school football stadiums are being built in Texas while so many public school children across this country are receiving substandard educations?

( “School stadiums are a Texas-size rivalry,” Sept. 17)

The students quoted as saying that they take pride in knowing their district will have the most expensive stadium in the country, and others acknowledging that they deserved the stadium despite the high cost, are disturbing.

Why not make a commitment to investing in high-quality teachers and instruction for all children, including a curriculum that emphasizes more social responsibility and a generous dose of perspective?


Mary Anna Noveck, Los Angeles


To the editor: A rivalry? Bragging rights? One-upmanship? A high-definition video screen that towers over the end zone?

Has the local population no common sense? Talk about keeping up with the Joneses.


Perhaps if 62% of the local voters weren’t stuck in nostalgia, they would have never approved the five-year, $220-million bond package for the school district, and instead built a hospital or clinic to help the poor and indigent.

Kimberlyn Hearns, San Bernardino


To the editor: A perfect example of the selfishness of wealthy people. All that money could be much better spent helping poor people. Or spent hiring more longtime unemployed people.

Gail Marie Noon, San Pedro


To the editor: Just imagine what could happen if that money was spent — gasp — on educating the children.

Susan Greenberg, Los Angeles


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