Readers React: It’s time for a viable third — and fourth, and fifith — political party


To the editor: The arrogance of the Democratic Party in California is on full display in Garry South’s op-ed article, which states that the emergence of a third party from California is unlikely, since most independents tend to vote for candidates from one major party.

This truly misses what the voters feel and have been feeling for quite a while. My belief is that the Democratic and Republican parties have both “sold us down the river.” Both parties are dialing for dollars at a cost to the American people.

While Democrats are terrified of a third party, they are pretty much getting one inside their ranks. Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders did very well in the Democratic primary in 2016, but he was not treated fairly by the party.


If the old guard holds sway, third, fourth and fifth parties will emerge, and the American people will finally have a choice for whom they won’t have to hold their noses to vote.

Dorothy Walker, Calabasas


To the editor: California has six certified political parties, but only the top two candidates in any given race advance to the general election in the state’s jungle primary system. Instead, the top winner of each party should be on the general election ballot.

There are people running who represent other parties but cannot advance to the general election because their party is so small. These candidates each have a following, and their voices are never heard in the legislating process.

I do not like seeing two candidates from the same party on the general election ballot. The rules should be changed to include the top candidates from the certified parties that ran in the primary.

Miles Hodge, West Hills


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