Readers React: How many times do gun safety advocates have to say they aren’t calling for a ban on all guns?

A resident of Newbury Park places flowers at a makeshift memorial for the victims of the Nov. 7, 2018, mass shooting in Thousand Oaks.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: A comment by one letter writer in response to the recent massacre in Thousand Oaks is discouraging, at best.

He says in response to the mass shooting that there was the usual knee-jerk reaction on the left of calling for a ban on all guns. The writer and his ilk apparently do not listen. People from organizations large and small advocating for measures to prevent gun violence do not call for banning all guns.

In reality, we call for policies that will reduce injury and death from gun violence. Some of those policies include requiring a background check for all gun sales, banning military-style weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines for civilian use, and enacting laws that allow for the temporary removal of firearms from people experiencing an emotional crisis. We should also commit federal funding to gun violence prevention research and adopt technology to make guns safer.

Please note that banning all guns was never mentioned, but if it were, I would be sure to offer thoughts and prayers to the affected gun owners.


Loren Lieb, Northridge

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