Readers React: Trump’s base is a lot more damaging than his high-ranking enablers

Mitch McConnel declares ‘case closed’ on Mueller probe
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, left, looks on as President Trump speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill on March 26.
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To the editor: Virginia Heffernan’s call for more high-ranking followers of President Trump to atone for their sins before it’s too late relies upon evidence of “extraordinary” turncoats who saw the light only after their personal gamble with the devil failed to pay off.

In reality, it’s the 40-something percent of Americans who support the president who need redeeming.

Unfortunately, if we have to wait for their individual epiphanies and pleas for salvation, it will be a cold day in hell before we see Heffernan’s mass “spiritual metamorphosis.” More likely, when that happens, we’ll be experiencing global warming’s hell on Earth.

Jacqueline Braitman, Valley Village



To the editor: Evidently, the self-appointed high priest of morality Heffernan deems Trump to be clearly bad for the country, and she appears to think she knows what is best for all concerned, no debate needed.

From a conservative’s viewpoint, Trump is just not the issue and really never has been. The issues are socialism, income redistribution, reparations, national security, flawed trade pacts, jobs, excessive government regulations and an improved immigration system. Again, it’s not about Trump.

You’ll get no atonement here, Ms. Heffernan.


Milton Bennett, Rowland Heights


To the editor: Heffernan went there, and she’s right.

Trump supporters excuse his Machiavellian tactics because they credit him for a strong economy, one that’s actually a continuation of growth under President Obama. Trumpists who regularly say they can live with the constant lying, incompetence, corruption and winks to white nationalists and murderous dictators insult our own democratic values of decency, honesty and rule of law.

In the event you support Trump because the tax break for millionaires gave you a little more money in your paycheck, and you apparently don’t mind the explosion in the federal deficit, then you’ve been bought, clear and simple.

And, as Heffernan states, it’s at the price of your very soul.

Wendy Blais, North Hills

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