Opinion: The Times’ anti-Trump editorial series encourages division among Americans

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To the editor: I am amazed by The Times’ series on President Trump. I merely ignored President Obama, with whom I did not agree.

It would seem you support further division among the people. If you really care about the country, you might try to help people instead of trying to add fuel to the fire of the increasing problems within the United States.

So what if your candidate didn’t win this round? There’s always next time. Isn’t that one of the things we all learned in school and life?


Sharron McKelvey, Pearland, Texas


To the editor: The Times should ask itself why it felt it was necessary to repeatedly label Trump as unfit.

Charles Manson, Anthony Weiner and Cheech and Chong are unfit to be president. But Trump beat out more than 15 serious candidates not only in the primaries but also in the general election. Trump is a successful businessman who has employed thousands of people. The slings and arrows from the media didn’t stop his march to the presidency.

Just maybe the kind of negativity expressed by The Times is precisely what motivated nearly 63 million people to vote for Trump.

Bob Munson, Newbury Park


To the editor: What motivates The Times to persist in attacking our duly elected president? Vitriol saturated the editorials. I could have wrung out the pages.


Trump is certainly a president cut from a different cloth. He is confident, determined and strong enough to stand up to abuse from The Times and other news media. He must have, as the saying goes, “something going for himself.” Maybe it’s the will of the American people.

Trump is an easy target. When does a newspaper cross the line from crusading to bullying?

Joan McDavid, Glendale


To the editor: The fact that the president’s actions taken so far have produced apoplectic responses on the left proves that he is doing very well.

Kemp Richardson, Santa Clarita

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