Opinion: The L.A. Times’ harsh criticism of Trump says more about The Times than the president

President Trump takes the stage at a rally in Louisville, Ky., on March 20.
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To the editor: Your editorial harshly criticizing our president was so disrespectful and so hateful that I couldn’t finish reading it. You have lost your professionalism and you are a disgrace to your calling.

Millions voted for our president and have confidence in him. I guess you don’t respect us and throw us into the “deplorables” basket. Why can’t you give our president a chance?

I am very disappointed.

Basha Botnick, Brooklyn, N.Y.


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To the editor: The editorial implies that The Times considers itself to be part of the “critical, independent press” and “mainstream media.” Conspicuous in its absence, however, is any mention of the journalist’s creed of fair, accurate and balanced reporting.

It is worth pointing out, therefore, that it is easier to be critical than correct, and agreeing with your California neighbors and other like-minded liberals does not confer independence. It does, however, suggest that left-leaning liberal media elites consider their biases to be mainstream.

The mainstream media do not represent the views of “mainstream America.”

— David Goode, Manhattan Beach

A very important point seems to have gone over your head despite recent changes in the political landscape: The mainstream media do not represent the views of “mainstream America,” just as surveys and polls are only likely to measure the opinions of those who do not use caller ID to screen their phone calls.

I hope this helps you better understand a world in which most Americans inexplicably disagree with opinions commonly espoused on the left coast.

David Goode, Manhattan Beach


To the editor: Your Sunday full-page editorial was a waste of space. Anyone who didn’t realize that The Times was virulently anti-Trump hasn’t been reading your paper.

Trump may be “dishonest” in some ways, though no more so that the previous president, and his questioning of the judiciary is rivaled only by his predecessor as well.

Your own virtues are scant. The kindest characterization of your Trump coverage is disingenuous; the truer characterization puts you right alongside “our dishonest president.”

Patrick Devine, Redondo Beach


To the editor: As a Republican who did not vote for Trump, I can agree the president has a multitude of flaws that have led to his low approval rating.

But instead of focusing on Russia, the Democratic Party needs to focus on broadening its base. It must find captivating candidates, because Republicans felt Hillary Clinton was unqualified as well. California also needs to stop on its fixation on Trump and focus on the real issues such as improving its infrastructure, fiscal reform and making our state a better place to do business.

Matthew Munson, Ontario


To the editor: The ultra liberals on your editorial board are causing The Times to completely lose its objectivity. Shame on you for today’s editorial.

The liberal press should talk more about rising consumer confidence, business spending, employment, the rising equity markets and other positive signs for our economy.

Trump won the election — get over it.

Mark Buchman, Los Angeles

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