Readers React: Is Trump ‘not transparent,’ or is he just a liar?

Donald Trump
President Trump at a rally in Green Bay, Wis., on April 27.
(Andrew Harnik / Associated Press)

To the editor: Doyle McManus writes that President Trump’s tweets are “unrestrained by facts.” Does he mean the president’s a liar?

McManus calls it an “odd assertion” that Trump claims his is the “most transparent” presidency in history. So, is he saying Trump’s a liar?

We are reminded that Trump “falsely” claimed he couldn’t release his taxes while under audit. Does that mean he lied?

Yes, we can say it: The president is a liar.


Among his lies, Trump’s most absurd is his latest claim that the Russia probe was an attempted coup and that starting the investigation was tantamount to treason. Seriously? Justice Department special counsel Robert S. Mueller III chronicled a list of crimes the Russians committed to help Trump get elected.

It would have arguably been more treasonous not to have investigated Russia’s attack on our democracy.

Robert Fox, Los Angeles



To the editor: McManus detailed the litany of refusals from the White House to comply with fundamental and legal information requests from elected leaders in Congress. Nobody seems to know how to deal with such an overt flouting of the law.

In the same day’s newspaper, an article addresses impeachment. Is it really so hard to connect the dots?

R.C. Price, San Clemente

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