Readers React: Trump shows his callous indifference to the plight of furloughed federal workers

President Trump speaks to members of the media outside the White House on Jan. 6.
President Trump speaks to members of the media outside the White House on Jan. 6.
(Jim Watson / AFP/Getty Images)

To the editor: Possibly the most outrageous claim the president has made in defense of his border wall is that furloughed government employees are happy to accept what may be a financially strapped personal condition in exchange for what he says is the national security his wall would guarantee.

President Trump no doubt wants us to believe that the support of a patriotic federal workforce justifies an open-ended government shutdown. But as always, he is responding to the hardships facing ordinary Americans with compelling indifference.

In the dispute involving the need for a southern border wall, Trump is promoting the fiction that a significant percentage of unpaid federal workers would — and should — sacrifice their own financial security to shore up a symbolic campaign promise. This is a proposition that most Americans no doubt find not only implausible but offensive.

Roger Hirschberg, Bondville, Vt.


To the editor: The Romans, under Emperor Hadrian, built a wall across Britain to prevent raids and migration. As long as the wall was patrolled by the Roman legions who maintained order, it worked.


But then, due to treachery and the corruption of its politicians, Rome fell. The legions were recalled, and the empire was no more. Without the legions defending the wall, chaos became an intermittent constant in the region.

Thus, history teaches that it is not a wall, but only good government, devoid of internal divisions and corruption, that can maintain security.

Marsha Temple, Los Angeles


To the editor: Trump continues to weaken our actual security by all but assuring that Transportation Security Agency employees and Coast Guard members will work without pay so he can get some money for his border wall.

In fact, according to multiple reports, no one has been arrested on terrorism charges at our southern border in the last few years. In contrast, about 4,000 people were prevented by the Department of Homeland Security from entering the United States in 2017, mainly at sea and airports.

When will we admit that Trump only wants to save face politically? There is no invasion, hundreds of soldiers lost family time during the holidays because they were deployed to the border, and now the people who make up our first line of security on our coasts and at airports may soon go without pay.

There is no emergency. Trump lies.

George Giacoppe, Riverside


To the editor: Despite the difficulties in standing firm against financing Trump’s wall, Democrats must not waver. If they do, it’s certain that new demands for crossbows and boiling oil will soon follow.

Marty Veselich, Playa del Rey

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