Opinion: An education at UC Santa Cruz? We’d all be lucky to have one

SANTA CRUZ CA NOVEMBER 20, 2017 -- University of California President Janet Napolitano talks about
UC system President Janet Napolitano talks about UC Santa Cruz at Cabrillo College in Aptos, Calif.
(Carolyn Lagattuta)

To the editor: Your Jan. 3 article about UC Santa Cruz asked why the campus can’t attract more transfer students.

That’s not the question I would pose. As your article made clear, we are well on our way to attracting more transfer students to our campus.

Why not ask instead how we, as a society, have come to the point that a place like UCSC, which takes up experimental learning in earnest and regularly strives to challenge entrenched authority, has to suffer so long the easy stereotypes of counterculture that could apply just as well to any University of California campus?

We should all hope that a Santa Cruz-style education — rigorous, relevant and steeped in values of social justice, equity and environmental sustainability — could be made available to every high school graduate in California.


Ben Leeds Carson, Santa Cruz

The writer is an associate professor of music and provost of Kresge College at UC Santa Cruz.

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