Opinion: It’s an American’s civic duty to report undocumented immigrants

A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent in Dallas in 2015.
(L.M. Otero / Associated Press)

To the editor: One letter writer asked for selective enforcement of our laws. (“Note to unscrupulous bosses: Labor laws protect undocumented workers too,” Readers React, Jan. 5)

While anyone who works should be paid their earned wages and employers who violate labor laws should be held accountable, they should also be held accountable for violating immigration law by hiring illegal immigrants in the first place.

Threatening to report them is hypocritical, as they hired them to begin with, but it is not unjust or immoral to report someone who is violating the law. In fact, it is a civic duty.

Don Rosenberg, Westlake Village



To the editor: A recent letter suggests that the United States needs to be protected by a border wall as if our nation is a piece of personal property.

However, the writer fails to understand that America is much more than just a piece of land — it is a philosophy, an ideal, a standard that people all over the world (still) try to achieve.

We should have open borders because the idea and promise of America is open to all.


Brian Hittelman, Beverly Hills

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