Letters to the Editor: Joe Biden isn’t a racist for having fought busing in the 1970s

Joe Biden
Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a campaign stop in Londonderry, N.H., on July 13.
(Robert F. Bukaty / Associated Press)

To the editor: We are closing in on 50 years since then-Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware pushed back against school busing in the 1970s.

Former Vice President Biden says he meant well in opposing busing kids out of their own neighborhoods across town to other neighborhoods to achieve racial integration in public schools. I am old enough to remember those years — at the time, liberal Democrat I was, I thought the idea was seriously flawed.

If I had kids of my own at the time, I would have been horrified if any government entity wanted to use my babies to implement public policy that should have been resolved by integrating our whole society, not just our schools.

Biden’s record in the Senate and as Barack Obama’s vice president should speak for itself. The man is no racist.


Gloria J. Richards, Simi Valley


To the editor: Biden, then and now, has always represented the constituency that put him in office. His voting record clearly reflects America as we morphed from a fearful, segregated country into the space-exploring nation we are today.

“Uncle Joe” has traveled the full route of recent American history; he knows us, knows who we are, and has no need to boast or to belittle an opponent. He won’t be new to the job when he walks into the Oval Office; he already knows it well.


Jacqueline Kerr, Los Feliz

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