Letters to the Editor: Why impeachment would damage Trump, with or without Senate conviction

President Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Cincinnati on Thursday.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: I find it interesting to read letters to the editor pointing out that the Republicans control the Senate and they will never vote to convict and remove President Trump if the House impeaches him.

I would like to remind those letter writers that the Senate never voted on President Richard Nixon. The televised congressional hearings on Watergate brought enough testimony, truth and knowledge to the American people that Sen. Barry Goldwater and other Republicans told Nixon he had to resign.

A House impeachment inquiry of Trump would be televised and allow the truth to be told via testimony, tax returns and other ways that the Trump administration could not prevent. The majority of Americans would see the blatant corruption in the highest office in the land.


Therefore, for the sake of our democracy, let the impeachment inquiry begin.

Susan Newell, Palm Desert