Letters to the Editor: Santa Monica Airport is an important piece of city infrastructure


To the editor: Santa Monica City Councilman Kevin McKeown omits key facts in his letter casting his city’s small airport as a nuisance that rightly faces imminent closure.

First, Santa Monica Airport is a “critical and essential” piece of city infrastructure, according to Santa Monica’s own “All Hazards Mitigation Plan,” a blueprint for disaster (read: earthquake or tsunami) recovery.

Second, the city’s own economic impact report of 2011 tabulated a $274-million value of Santa Monica Airport to the local economy.


As to being an “outmoded remnant,” having an on-ramp to the skies will be critical for the next-generation of quiet, clean, electric-powered aircraft that will revolutionize our skies, as electric-powered autos and trucks are revolutionizing our city streets and highways. Santa Monica Airport is a key part of our local and regional infrastructure.

David J. Hopkins, Santa Monica

The writer is spokesman for the Santa Monica Airport Assn.