Letters to the Editor: A Harvard freshman was sent back to Lebanon. Are we trying to create enemies?

The campus of Harvard University
The campus of Harvard Business School and Harvard University in Boston.
(Brooks Kraft / Getty Images)

To the editor: This would be the appropriate response by President Trump in response to incoming Harvard freshman Ismail Ajjawi being sent back to Lebanon after trying to enter the U.S. with a visa at Boston Logan International Airport:

First, he should get down on his hands and knees and apologize to God for the U.S. immigration official who allegedly yelled at this young man and denied him entry to the U.S. because of a few social media posts by his friends that were critical of the United States.

Second, he should go to Lebanon to apologize to the young man and his family and beg him to come back to study at Harvard. If this is not straightened out quickly and fairly, we may end up with a highly intelligent adversary.


Our inhospitality will destroy us just as effectively as our hospitality once built us.

Steve Krimmel, Glendora