Letters to the Editor: Ethnic studies in plain English — that deserves support

Ethnic studies
Anti-racism signs are seen around a classroom as students work on assignments during an ethnic studies class in San Francisco in 2018.
(Josh Edelson / For The Times )

To the editor: I never send letters to the editor, but here’s one anyway.

Kudos to columnist George Skelton for his insightful comments on the proposed ethnic studies curriculum and requirement for California high school students. His proposal concludes with the following:

“But first rewrite the curriculum in common English. Make it unifying, not divisive. Lay off the biases and pour on the facts. Simply and calmly.”

Yes to everything he said.

Dorothy Hazelton, Redondo Beach



To the editor: Making all students take an ethnic studies class will not eradicate hate and fear. If that were the case, then all humanity could be to “taught” how to get along.

Hate is everywhere and expressed to everyone. What people need to learn is acceptance and compassion. Unfortunately, neither can be taught.

Leslie Kato, Santa Ana