Letters to the Editor: Fentanyl is pouring in from Mexico. Solution: Build the wall

Poppy seeds
A poppy farmer in Mexico holds an unripe seed pod.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Your article on the increasing presence of the dangerously strong opiate fentaynl in drugs says this: “Today, officials say the majority is smuggled from Mexico, where it is remaking the drug trade as traffickers embrace it over heroin, which is more difficult and expensive to produce.”

Still, there are people today who push for decriminalizing illegal border crossings and, furthermore, want open borders.

Build the wall. Our national security is at stake, and the youth of this nation depend on us doing the right thing.


D.J. McNamara, West Hills


To the editor: This article reports that tens of thousands of American deaths are attributable to drugs made in factories in China and Mexico.

Had these countries sent bombs to our shores killing our citizens, we would be at war, wouldn’t we?

Tony Lynn, Pacific Palisades