Letters to the Editor: A daily dog walk that has grown lonelier over time

Dog running
A man runs through a park with several dogs.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Thank you for publishing Carol Mithers’ heartwarming account of her many years of walking through the same neighborhoods accompanied by her dog Casey. I was moved by feelings of joy and sadness as I could totally relate to her story, surely as countless other readers could.

My wife and I walked three generations of German shepherds through the same neighborhoods and parks, greeting friends and dogs and becoming acutely aware of the slow but inevitable changes occurring over time.

Families with children grown and long gone were replaced by younger families with new children and dogs, giving the neighborhood a constant feeling of rebirth. There were grieving widows and widowers, many who moved to live with children, others staying put facing an unknown future.


My shepherd Mina and I walk alone these days, as the passage of time has taken my wife of almost 60 years from us. We still walk every day, our slowing gait a reminder that our time together is limited. We are sustained by the beautiful times that we shared together and the occasional phone call from children and grandchildren along our route.

Bob Constantine, Placentia


To the editor: First, let me clarify: I’m pet neutral, not a lover or a hater.

While reading about the appreciation Mithers gained for her neighborhood walking her dog over many years, I had a realization of an odd contradiction.

Why is it that we, as humans, are outraged and disgusted by human public urination (and worse), but have no problem with dogs that pee on posts, sidewalks, bushes and lawns? Just asking.

Marty Wilson, Whittier