Letters to the Editor: Trump lies? At least he’s not a socialist, says a Republican

Trump speaking
President Trump speaks during the Presidential Social Media Summit at the White House on July 11.
(Nicholas Kamm / AFP/Getty Images)

To the editor: Jonah Goldberg’s column on why the preponderance of Republican voters remain loyal to President Trump underscores the elitism of those who inhabit the Beltway circle. These self-appointed intellectuals ruminate endlessly about the fibs put forth by President Trump.

As a Trump supporter, I do not deny their existence.

But I also recognize matters of much greater importance, including: a solid economy, record low unemployment among minorities, finally facing down the Chinese trade threat, strangling Iran’s economy so that it does not develop nuclear weapons, and staving off the socialism increasingly embraced by the Democrats.

I live in the adult world and understand that the president’s Sharpies and fibs don’t affect my daily life. On the other hand, the implementation of socialism would change the way we all live forever, and not for the better.


That is why I will again vote for Trump in 2020.

Joseph Schillmoeller, Gardena


To the editor: Goldberg is mistaken to use the past tense when talking about “the price the GOP paid on his watch” because of Trump-approving Republicans.

The toll will be ongoing and forever part of the Republican brand. Trump isn’t just some barker fronting the GOP tent. Republicans stand in allegiance to their leader.

The echoes of his divisive calls to ban, wall out and lock up the bogeymen will fade like the memories of his vitriolic party warfare and attacks on the free press. But even if establishment Republicans are never held to account for abiding Trump’s lies and rampant abuses of power, the GOP no longer exists as the party of fiscal responsibility, free trade or states’ rights.

The mantras that approving Republicans now hang their hats on are brutal immigration enforcement, tax cuts for the wealthy, deregulation in support of gluttonous use of natural resources and adherence to the U.S. Constitution only when politically expedient.

Robert Fox, Los Angeles