Letters to the Editor: Now the Bahamas have some ‘very bad people.’ Sad!

President Trump
(Associated Press)

To the editor: If President Trump truly is a “genius” and the “least racist person there is anywhere in the world,” he would seize on the opportunity presented to him by the tragic and catastrophic damage inflicted by Hurricane Dorian on the Bahamas. (“Trump’s senseless cruelty toward evacuees from the Bahamas,” Opinion, Sept. 13)

Instead of trying to keep people fleeing the Bahamas out of the United States, he should construct temporary shelter at his expense at his Mar-a-Lago resort in south Florida to shelter the victims until suitable longer-term housing is made available. The broad appeal of this gesture would surely improve his standing outside his political base and help silence his critics.

Instead, his administration has denied temporary protected status for Bahamians since their country, he said, has some “very bad people.” Sad!

Jonathan Kaunitz, Santa Monica

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