Letters to the Editor: Forget Trump’s GOP enablers. Impeachment is the right thing to do

Nancy Pelosi
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces on Tuesday the start of a formal impeachment inquiry.
(Alex Wong / Getty Images)

To the editor: Show me the difference between the Senate Republicans who will stop any attempt to hold President Trump accountable and the judicial system in the Old South in which obvious criminals were found not guilty by a jury full of white people. (“Democrats open formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump,” Sept. 24)

Just to put a murdering redneck on trial in light of the reality of the jury pool was an act of courage. Prosecuting these cases took great strength, and posterity applauds the courageous.

Today the grounds for impeaching Trump are just as evident as were the grounds for prosecuting racist killers in the Old South. Reluctance to impeach Trump because there is a Senate full of his enablers should be no more of a reason not to bring the case than when there was a jury pool full of racists in the Old South.


Bill Pratt, Northridge


To the editor: As a lifelong independent voter, I see two reasons why the decision by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) to formally open an impeachment inquiry is a really dumb move.

First, it is an unnecessary waste of the public’s dollars and lawmakers’ valuable time, as the Republicans in the Senate will not vote to convict Trump.

Second, with only 14 months until the next presidential election, the voters can remove Trump via the ballot box, something that will be viewed as far more legitimate than removing him via impeachment.

Thus, my hope is that the Democrats will stop their “character assassination” approach and focus instead on winning at the polls.

Irwin Zeke Warsaw, Marina del Rey


To the editor: Newt Gingrich and the Moral Majority cried to the high heavens and impeached President Clinton over his denial of a sexual dalliance with Monica Lewinsky. “He lied under oath!” they screamed.

Clinton’s sex life had nothing to do with the nation’s security. Now we have a president who repeatedly lies to the nation about almost everything and has sought the help of a foreign government to dig up dirt on the person who could be the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020.

Why aren’t the people who clamored for Clinton’s impeachment now doing the same for Trump? What about the evangelical Christian leaders who threw their support behind a man who has broken every single rule in the Good Book?

Charles Blankson, Fontana


To the editor: I am getting more tired by the day hearing and reading the old canard “Nobody is above the law.”

This president is clearly above the law. As long as the Republican majority in the Senate is willing to go to any length to protect him, the law is something he need not even think about.

Since descending that escalator in 2015, Trump has lied without restraint. But one of his statements was truly spot on: He could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and not lose any of his support.

Richard Shafarman, Santa Clarita