Letters to the Editor: Older people should care about climate change too

Activists participate in a demonstration against climate change in Katowice, Poland, on Dec. 8, 2018.
(Alik Keplicz / Associated Press)

To the editor: Regarding the letter from the self-identified old writer who thought that kids should take the climate issue and run with it: Even though we are old, we can do things to limit climate change.

We can choose to drive a clean electric car, stop buying plastic containers for our food, and take a little reusable container with us for leftovers at the restaurant. We can also, in the comfort of our armchair, send a letter, email or text message to our governor, senator or member of Congress asking them to be more mindful of climate change.

Young or old, we all have our part to play in saving this planet.


Mindy Taylor-Ross, Venice


To the editor: If you stop eating meat, as some letter writers proclaim we must do if we’re serious about climate change, that’s nice. But don’t think that will stop disastrous global warming.

As a nation, we must end the burning of fossil fuel; doing “nice” stuff as isolated individuals is just not enough.

We need to take nationwide action, to lead the world by example, and end delay and denial. Extracting more oil and exporting more coal must stop. However, political battling over rules and regulations is getting in the way of a just and rapid transition to clean energy and transportation.

That’s why I joined Citizen’s Climate Lobby, a group that is laser-focused on telling Congress to adopt bipartisan laws to move us to clean energy. Working together is the only way we can get this done without endless resistance and delay, which our children cannot afford.

Now, our kids demand real action. Good for them.

E. J. Parker, Long Beach