Letters to the Editor: Why weren’t the Democratic candidates at the climate marches?

Climate change rally
People, many of them teenagers, take part in a climate change rally held in downtown Los Angeles on Friday.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Where were the Democratic presidential candidates during the youth-led climate change marches?

The young people have it right. They are marching to demonstrate their concern for global warming. They recognize there is no Planet B.

Meanwhile, the candidates are all eating their way through Iowa and talking, talking, talking on CNN and MSNBC about the perils of climate change. They should instead be leading marches on the White House, shouting to the president that we will continue to reduce auto emissions despite his unconscionable efforts to increase the pollution of our atmosphere.


My grandchildren know the future is in their hands; I’ll support the candidate who acts as if he or she does too.

Joy Picus, Reseda


To the editor: Millions of young people marched and spoke about climate change. They also spoke out against governing adults who pay more attention to the exchange of money than the change in our climate.

Any one of these enlightened young people would be a better leader for our nation than President Trump. What is it about adults that makes them so blind and ignorant compared with our brilliant young people?

Wake up and listen to these young, sweet voices.

Esther Cole, Ventura


To the editor: To be honest, most old people do not really take global warming or the health of the planet seriously, because, well, we’re old.

Imagine you are in the middle of the ocean, and that boat is taking on water. You would probably start bailing out the water in hopes of eventually being saved.

But what if you had only one hour to live? Well, you probably wouldn’t bother bailing out the water. You would probably just kick back and stare at the blazing sun for an hour, while the boat slowly sank.

This is why, while you’re young and still following your dreams, you need to get up, balance yourself, take a deep breath, grit your teeth, then step over the old dude and start bailing out the water yourself. And if you can, plug that hole while you’re at it.

Peter Gaulke, Los Angeles


To the editor: Today’s youth have been taken care of better than any previous generation, so we are not used to taking care of ourselves. It has taken more than just fear and hope to drive us to act, but also our leaders’ ignorance when it comes to the scientific consensus on global warming.

We are obviously not alone in fighting climate change. There are plenty of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle drafting climate policy, like the bipartisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act and the Green New Deal.

At USC, our new President Carol Folt even showed up and spoke at the rally we organized. But our elders have not done enough. We are striking because we are fed up, and this may teach us not to be as passive as older generations have been.

Sebastian J. Walter Young, Los Angeles