Letters to the Editor: Adlai Stevenson’s cautionary quip for Elizabeth Warren

Adlai Stevenson
Adlai E. Stevenson, then the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, in the General Assembly chamber of the U.N. in New York in 1965.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: A reader’s letter that questions whether there are enough voters willing to think about Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) cogent arguments in her campaign for president is reminiscent of an exchange that was supposed to have occurred during a campaign rally when Democrat Adlai Stevenson was running for president in the 1950s.

When a supporter shouted out that every thinking American would vote for him, Stevenson replied, “That’s not enough. I need a majority.”

I suspect the exchange would be just as valid today as it was more than 60 years ago.


Darrel Miller, Santa Monica