Letters to the Editor: Migrants frustrated by waiting at the U.S. border should stay home

Ciudad Juarez
Mexicans seeking political asylum camp at Chamizal Park near the Bridge of the Americas international port of entry in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, on Thursday.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Despite the Los Angeles Times’ regular diet of stomach-churning images of migrant families stranded at our southern border, let’s be clear about this situation: The migrants’ dilemma is one that they have brought upon themselves, of their own free will.

These are not Myanmar’s Rohingya, the Palestinians living in and around Israel, or the millions of Jews forced from their countries over the centuries. No pharaoh’s army pursues these people.

Rather, the vast majority of Mexicans held up at the border while seeking entry into the United States are under no asylum-granting threat whatsoever, other than those that they have brought upon themselves.


I’m sorry, but where in our Constitution, a document purportedly created by conscious and kind-hearted men, does it say that we shall be responsible for the feeding, housing, clothing, legal protection and medical care of millions of people south of our border?

Jeff Denker, Malibu


To the editor: “We all have rights,” a man was quoted as yelling at a Mexican soldier as he waited to enter the U.S. from Ciudad Juarez.

Correction: No one has a right to come to the United States of America. The real question is, why are these people being lied to?

Diane Thornton, Los Angeles


To the editor: In the article about the migrant frustration at the border, it is noted that there are many newborns being carried by the parents attempting to obtain asylum.

It is beyond my understanding why people who obviously do not have a satisfactory life in their home countries continue to bring more children into their brutal world.

Robert Andrews, Claremont