Letters to the Editor: Stanford shows how not to respect a sexual assault victim

Visitors to a "healing garden" on the Stanford University campus use an augmented-reality app that displays the words of Chanel Miller.
(Sammy Dallal / Palo Alto Online)

To the editor: Shame on Stanford University for seeking to capitalize on Chanel Miller’s misfortune with a so-called healing garden that’s ultimately all meringue and no filling, given its omission of any reference to the appalling event that prompted its creation in the first place.

Because in all honesty, after all that’s been said and done in this sad and infuriating affair, I find it simply amazing that the university’s tone-deaf administrators are apparently more concerned about protecting the assailant in this case, rather than honoring the brave young woman he victimized.

Perhaps Stanford ought to dispense with any further pretensions that it actually cares about the issues raised by Miller’s tragedy, by dismantling the garden and instead installing in its place the “Brock Turner Memorial Dumpster Bin,” with a plaque prominently posted in front that quotes his father’s successful appeal for leniency on his son’s behalf to now-former Judge Aaron Persky: “This is a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action.”


Donald Koelper, Honolulu