Letters to the Editor: Democrats may be flawed, but at least they’re interested in governing

The California Capitol building in Sacramento.
( Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Steve Lopez’s column, “Republicans blame Democratic leadership for California’s problems. They have a point, but ...,” offered many salient points. As leader of the state Senate, I’d like to add to the discussion.

Just this past year, we approved laws to address our state’s affordable housing crisis, aid workers in the new economy, cut taxes for working families and small business, and help more middle-class families afford health coverage. And we did that while also passing a bold and responsible budget that provides record funding for schools and higher education and sets aside an unprecedented $19.2 billion in reserves to protect against economic downturns.

We are the fifth-largest economy in the world, home to companies worth hundreds of billions of dollars and a record low unemployment rate. I also recognize that we have plenty of work to do.


But instead of tearing each other down and lobbing insults, let’s flip the script. Build each other up. Continue to work together for the good of all Californians.

It’s time for less party politics and more progress.

State Sen. Toni Atkins (D-San Diego)

The writer is president pro tem of the California Senate.


To the editor: Lopez says when talking about the climate, “It doesn’t help to have the biggest dunce in science class serving as president of the United States.”

I remember when we had a brainiac in science class as president (Jimmy Carter), and that sure didn’t turn out so well.

I am not sure what criteria we need to use in picking a competent president, but I am open to ideas for next November.


Tom Blood, Huntington Beach