Letters to the Editor: Is Alki David another boorish billionaire with a political future?

Alki David
Hollywood executive Alki David is best know for operating a hologram company that projected images of Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson, among others.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: OK, here’s what I’m getting about Alkiviades “Alki” David from the front-page Column One on the media executive who was sued for sexual harassment.

He’s a billionaire who calls his accuser deeply unattractive; an angry man absorbed in a plethora of legal imbroglios, possessing a desire to provoke and antagonize his opponents; and a man married three times, at least once to a “trophy wife.”

As I write this, beads of sweat and possibly blood are bursting from my forehead, because it sounds like he might have a future in politics.


Russ Woody, Studio City


To the editor: I am left wondering why the Los Angeles Times devoted the space in Column One to the egocentric, belligerent, pushy Alki David.

Without any deep dive into David’s business or legal events, the front-page story simply flattered this man. Perhaps you are under the impression that there isn’t a good sense of wealthy white men bullying and buying their way out of “problems” in America right now.

In sharp contrast, I want to say thank-you to reporter James Rainey for writing a beautiful (and shorter) article on good humans in the San Francisco Bay Area buying land and housing for the economically challenged.

Donna Sandidge, Mission Viejo