Letters to the Editor: Trump betrayed the Kurds and U.S. soldiers in Syria

A U.S. soldier sits on an armored vehicle in northern Syria on April 4, 2018.
(Hussein Malla / Associated Press)

To the editor: “Traitors!” the Kurds at the side of the road yelled at my fellow GIs. “Like rats, America is running away.” And, men threw potatoes at the soldiers. (“Residents of northeast Syria city pelt departing U.S. troops with potatoes,” Oct. 21)

I actually saw on TV our soldiers being cursed and humiliated — because they were obeying President Trump’s orders to abandon their comrades-in-arms and the Kurdish people to face slaughter on their own.

I am an ex-GI, having served three years and 11 months in the U.S. Army. Believe me, Trump has jabbed a bayonet of shame and sadness into the back of anybody who serves or ever served in our armed forces. He is so unfit to be commander in chief.


Republicans in the Senate should listen to their patriotic hearts, vote to convict Trump of high crimes and misdemeanors and run him out of the White House.

Jerry Small, Venice


To the editor: Neither the American government nor Trump ever agreed to protect the Kurds for life. Situations will always be changing.

Trump has been saying for years that American lives should not be lost unless it’s of vital importance. Our soldiers should not be maimed or killed as a result of unintended consequences.

Jeff Whitfield, Santa Ana