Letters to the Editor: The L.A. Times preaches to the choir with its anti-Trump editorials

Anti-Trump protesters in San Diego.
A group of anti-Trump protesters in downtown San Diego.
(Nelvin C. Cepeda / San Diego Union-Tribune)

To the editor: Those of us who are supporters of President Trump and will work for his reelection in 2020 can thank the Lord that the L.A. Times is only preaching to the choir in its market area. In our view, there was no mistake in 2016.

Neither we nor the president expect to carry the greater Los Angeles area or the state of California in 2020. We assume that the Democratic nominee, whoever that is, will carry these areas with the support of The Times.

Instead, we are going for that almost completely red-colored map of all U.S. counties from 2016.


I keep thinking, where do I want to be on election night in 2020 to watch the returns? The offices of the L.A. Times? The New York Times? Or the White House?

Probably the White House.

George A. Vandeman, Playa del Rey


To the editor: The funny thing about your anti-Trump editorials is that you’re preaching to the choir. California is already solidly Democratic. It has only so many electoral votes, and right now you can put those votes in Democratic column.

On the other hand, voters in the Golden State opposed to the left-wing, populist hash-up of programs offered up by the various Democratic candidates do have one resource at their disposal: their checkbooks. One suspects said books will be put to good use during the campaign.

Louis H. Nevell, Los Angeles


To the editor: I voted for Trump in 2016 because I believed he would do the better job on my top two priorities, the economy and defense. I have not been disappointed and will vote for him in 2020.


I have yet to see any ideas generated by the Democratic candidates that will make my life better — if anything, all we will get is California’s problems on a national scale.

Ralph Ruiz, Orange