Letters to the Editor: Conservatives are leaving California? Good riddance, readers say

Conservative Move Texas agent Derek Baker shows Judy and Richard Stark, who moved from Modesto, their new home in McKinney, Texas, on Oct. 29.
(Lara Solt / For The Times)

One of the defining features of American politics today is the antipathy expressed not only about the elected leaders we don’t like, but also toward fellow citizens who happen to be on the other side of the red-blue divide. Much of our letter writers’ reaction to an article this week about conservatives leaving California for “redder pastures” reflected this.

The article focused primarily on a husband and wife who moved from Modesto to north Texas in hopes of living near “people who believe in the same political agenda that we do: America first, Americans first, law and order.” Some readers said they could relate, but a majority expressed a sentiment captured by one writer whose letter consisted of two words: “Good riddance.”

John Reed of Hemet invited more conservatives to leave:

Be still, my beating heart. The promise that more Republicans will be leaving our beautiful, forward-thinking, progressive state gives me more joy than I can handle.


The fact that most of these blind-faith conservatives are heading to Texas is music to my ears. I have been advocating for years that Texas become the gathering place for all Republicans — a spot where the humidity, tornadoes and GOP can finally join forces with the mosquitoes to create the symbiotically perfect environment for people and things of the conservative persuasion.

Now, if only these red-state seekers can manage to take more of their GOP friends with them, all will be right in the world.

Pacific Palisades resident Maureen Huiskes calls new arrivals to California “suckers”:

You are darn right that we are tired of California’s liberal political culture. We are tired of paying high taxes to support liberal causes and undocumented immigrants. And, as the state burns, our politicians continue to overspend and vilify the president.


So, yes, we are tired of politicians who do not put Americans first, and we are leaving for states like Texas, Idaho and Florida. And, although some suckers are coming to California, that will change once they realize that unless they are willing to accept mediocrity in education, poor infrastructure, everything being unaffordable and high taxes, they will leave.

Marian Sunabe of South Pasadena explains why she feels comfortable in California:

The people leaving California because of politics are fortunate to have been born with the privilege of being able to live comfortably just about anywhere in the U.S. Those of us who are people of color have no such freedom.

Only in big cities and urban centers do we feel safe and comfortable. Here, we do not have to constantly answer questions like, “Where are you from?” We are not suspected of being a criminal, a terrorist or a leech on society. Thanks to this president, racist attitudes in certain parts of the country are emboldened and hardened, creating an inhospitable environment for people of color.


I’m thankful that I can call Southern California home, and I hope that I can safely live here for the remainder of my days.