Letters to the Editor: Why can’t Devin Nunes answer easy questions about new Ukraine allegations?

Chairman Adam Schiff speaks as ranking Republican Devin Nunes listens during the House Intelligence Committee impeachment hearing on Nov. 21.
Chairman Adam Schiff speaks as ranking Republican Devin Nunes listens during the House Intelligence Committee impeachment hearing on Nov. 21.
(Andrew Harrer / EPA-EFE/REX)

To the editor: House Intelligence Committee ranking Republican Devin Nunes (Tulare) uses the Trumpian strategies of projection and demagoguery at every turn to undermine the impeachment inquiry. Now, he uses these techniques to defend himself against allegations that he went to Europe to dig up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden.

Whether or not he made such a trip, what makes this spectacle outrageous is Nunes’ way of excusing himself from telling the truth by claiming his activities are shielded as part of “law enforcement” investigations and that giving his account would be pointless because “90% of the media are totally corrupt.”

As for corruption, it is Nunes who lies and makes baseless accusations against Democrats carrying out a legitimate impeachment process. It is he who foments preposterous conspiracy theories to benefit Trump. Instead of serving the American people and doing what is required of Congress in providing executive branch oversight, Nunes and his Republican colleagues will concoct the most outrageous narratives to attack anyone threatening Trump’s lawless reign.

Since Trump took office, Nunes has continually betrayed his oath of office and provided cover for Trump instead of checking the president when he engages in abuses of power, obstruction of justice, defiance of congressional oversight and other lawless actions. When his dishonesty, smear tactics and betrayal of his constitutional duties are covered in the news media, he lashes out and threatens to sue.


For Nunes, nothing hurts more than the truth.

T.R. Jahns, Hemet


To the editor: Yes, Robin Abcarian, there is a “cult” in American politics today, but this cult has nothing to do with our wise-cracking, over-the-top president. He could be voted out of office within the year if the American public has had enough of him. That’s democracy for you.


But there is a culture within the federal government and in cities like New York and San Francisco whose ranks think they know what’s best for America. It is a conceited, self-important, well-off group that is deeply embedded in Washington.

This current impeachment business is an battle between the socially unacceptable Ivy Leaguer in Trump and the horrified liberal elite who feel betrayed by an American public that it took for granted in 2016.

Mark Walker, Yorba Linda


To the editor: House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) should be seen for what he is: the new Joe McCarthy.

He has hinted at damning evidence against Trump that he has not delivered. As the latest iteration of Schiff’s never-ending kangaroo court peters out into public indifference and even hostility from the progressive left, you have to wonder how much longer it will be before the latest McCarthy is booted from the national stage.

James Gorton, Pasadena



To the editor: Schiff has said that Trump’s crime is much more serious than President Richard Nixon’s “third-rate burglary.”

Trump, however, released his “crime” to the press and called it the “perfect phone call.” Perhaps if Nixon had called his crime the “perfect burglary,” his Republican supporters in Congress could have said that he merely bungled politics, but his actions did not rise to the level of removing a president from office.

Nixon’s tapes were secret, and Trump’s tweets are public. Sometimes, history does not repeat itself.

David Waldowski, Laguna Woods

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