Opinion: Readers give thanks to climate warriors, real-life warriors and, yes, Trump

A group of teenage protesters calling attention to climate change demonstrates in front of the White House on May 24.
(Eric Baradat / AFP/Getty Images)

It may be the start of Americans’ annual collective slowdown, also known as the holiday season, but the impeachment hearings in Washington have kept our readers busy writing letters on news that refuses to stop breaking.
Consequently, we haven’t received many of the “what I’m thankful for” letter submissions typical for the days around Thanksgiving.

The handful of contemplative letters expressing gratitude do, however, reflect a wide range of political viewpoints. One reader even penned a tribute to the most frequently criticized figure on the letters page.

Here is a selection of our readers’ grateful musings.

Don Coleman of Canoga Park salutes the commander in chief:


This Thanksgiving, we should be grateful that we live in a land of peace and prosperity. We should also be thankful that we have a president whose actions brought about this peace and prosperity.

Prior to President Trump taking office, our troops were fighting in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, the president’s actions are bringing an end to U.S. combat operations in those areas.

Also, our economy was still not completely healed from the Great Recession. But because of Trump’s tax and regulation policies, our economy is thriving, with the stock market routinely achieving new highs.

Frances Terrell Lippman of Sherman Oaks hits a less optimistic note:


Americans have been tested many times since the beginning of our country. With wars and battles over civil rights and women’s rights through the centuries, the struggle continues as long as people recognize there is a need to stand up and be heard when injustices are rampant.

Now we are being tested like never before as this administration flouts the rule of law and breaks democratic norms. Its feeble strategy is to cover our eyes, plug our ears and yell a lot while ignoring the truth. This method will only delay the inevitable, as the truth always bubbles to the surface.

The soldiers who fought, sacrificed and died in all those wars believed in this country, and we are ever grateful to all of them. They loved the United States, and now we must rally and fight for its very existence and place in the world.

Those who sacrificed are owed our lasting respect and deep gratitude. Our democracy’s very survival is at stake as we give thanks this year.


Susan Atkinson of Durango, Colo., gives thanks for climate warriors:

Though leadership is missing from the top, climate champions and heroes exist in great numbers. I am especially grateful to them this year.

My thanks go our to small farmers who are practicing regenerative agriculture to draw carbon out of the atmosphere; educators of all kinds who inspire us to care; scientists who bring us the necessary knowledge of climate effects; high school students going on strike for the climate; legislators formulating policy solutions; innovators researching alternative technologies and the banks and investors who finance them; and businesses big and small that are reducing their carbon footprints.

I am thankful for the millions of us who are making personal behavioral changes and asking ourselves, “What can I do to help?” More than a village, addressing climate change requires all of us working together to reach a livable future for all.