Letters to the Editor: The Harvey Weinstein trial is Exhibit A for why women don’t come forward

Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein arrives at the Manhattan Criminal Court on Jan. 22 for opening arguments in his rape and sexual assault trial.
(Timothy A. Clary / AFP/Getty Images)

To the editor: So the rich and powerful Harvey Weinstein has managed to put together an expensive defense team to try to undermine the credibility of his sexual assault accusers. The women he allegedly abused now must face more torture because they finally found the courage to accuse him formally.

And people wonder why it is so difficult for victims to come forward to confront their abusers.

The fact is, if even one of Weinstein’s many accusers is telling the truth, he belongs behind bars (along with so many other rich and powerful men who have been playing this game with impunity for as long as anyone can remember).

The list of abusers is long. Some get caught. Some get punished. And, some manage to to get away with it.

Isn’t this a lovely story?

Diana Wolff, Rancho Palos Verdes