Opinion: Bad Democrats, unfair process — readers against impeachment make their case

President Trump waves after speaking at the antiabortion March for Life rally in Washington on Friday.
(Patrick Semansky / Associated Press)

Dedicated readers of the L.A. Times’ letters page might infer that the overwhelming majority of submissions about Donald Trump’s impeachment favor conviction and removal of the president. And they’d be correct: As of this writing, we’ve received 160 letters this week discussing the Senate trial, 20 of which express support for the president or skepticism of the case made by Democratic House impeachment managers.

A handful of these have been published, and mostly with other letters that criticize Republican senators or favor removing Trump. Here is a selection of reader opinions that make the president’s case and reflect popular lines of argument against impeachment and removal.

Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Burbank) is a frequent target of Trump’s supporters. Rick Kern of Incline Village, Nev., takes a shot at him:

As the Senate trial continues, it’s important to note that Schiff has spoken of “damning evidence” of Trump’s wrongdoing for years. He has produced none. Now, he is whining that he needs more witnesses.

He should have made his case fully before the House sent articles of impeachment to the Senate, but this reveals the crux of the Democrats’ dilemma. They have no case and don’t know where to go.


Voters should long remember these deeds when looking to reelect Schiff, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco), Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) and the like.

So does David Tulanian of Las Vegas:

After Schiff’s performance in the Senate, many on the left are singing his praises. I’ve even heard that he’s been urged to run for Dianne Feinstein’s seat in the Senate.

If there is even a scintilla of truth to this disturbing rumor, then I, as a Republican, wish Feinstein good health for many years. She may be a Democrat, but she is honorable.

Bill Schoettler of Bass Lake, Calif., is one of a handful of letter writers who have complained about the impeachment process:

You want a “fair” Senate trial? Of course, it will be as fair as the hearings in the House.

The L.A. Times Editorial Board asks Republicans in the Senate to be fair. Can the Republicans be less fair than the Democrats were in the House? Just asking.

Gregory Sirbu of Redondo Beach believes this is really about helping Democrats win in November:

In saying that Trump was looking to “cheat” in an election, at least the Democrats were somewhat honest about their reason for foisting impeachment on us.

The Democrats lost in 2016, and they’re going to lose the next election too. They know they cannot defeat Trump with their current set of primary candidates, so they must go with their only hope: a meaningless impeachment process.

I doubt I will ever vote for a Democrat again. As a registered nonpartisan voter, I would rather throw away my vote away on a Ralph Nader or on a Republican.