Letters to the Editor: The misery of trying to get to LAX on a bus or train from much of L.A.

 LAX FlyAway bus on Hollywood Boulevard
Passengers board the LAX FlyAway bus on Hollywood Boulevard.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Your editorial expressing support for allowing travelers who take transit to Los Angeles International Airport to go to the front of the security line was so far off the mark I do not know where to start.

For me, it takes the better part of half a day to get to LAX from Whittier using only public transit. If you check the times, you will find that from Whittier the bus trip is nearly three hours. Also, rail transit does not serve this city.

When you add the time it takes to walk to a bus stop with a cane and luggage, the task is overwhelming. Also consider the time you must allow so you do not miss the bus.


Please do not label me as elitist because I do not use public transit. I do not take the bus or train because doing so presents so many problems. Folks do not use public transit in Los Angeles because it does not work for them.

Margaret Stevens, Whittier


To the editor: Your editorial mentions the “various train and bus lines that serve the airport.”

There is no train or bus line that directly serves the terminals (unless you mean the FlyAway, which is not truly public transportation). In addition, it’s gotten more difficult to get to and from the transit center just outside the airport.

May I suggest your editorial writers try getting to and from LAX (morning, noon and night) by public transportation and letting us know the results?

Jennifer Westmoreland, Los Angeles