Letters to the Editor: Remember, Democrats, Trump is president because of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders rally
Supporters cheer as Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks during a rally in Myrtle Beach, S.C., on Feb. 26.
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To the editor: We would not be in the constitutional and political mess we are in today if not for Sen. Bernie Sanders. (“Just what is it about Bernie Sanders that young voters love?” Feb. 27)

Hillary Clinton lost in 2016 because of then-FBI Director James Comey and her former primary opponent Sanders, not because she didn’t visit a few states. What is a mystery to me is why the media or any of his opponents have not attacked him on his past record in this regard.

His Senate designation is as an independent, not as a Democrat. He has proven to be an uncooperative team player.

It is important that the Democrats cohere around the nominee, yet Sanders might just pull out the same playbook he did back in 2016 if he doesn’t get the nomination. We do not need another backward-looking runaway ego sitting in the White House.


Nancy Zaman, Beverly Hills


To the editor: Apparently, we are supposed to be worried that nominating Sanders will mean certain defeat by President Trump. And, to avoid this, we are supposed to vote for any moderate Democrat who might have the chance of defeating him in California.


But wait, didn’t the Democratic Party nominate a moderate in 2016?

Maybe, just maybe, the Democratic party should support the candidate that is generating the largest grass-roots support among committed activists who are working day and night on his campaign. Maybe, just maybe, if the Democratic Party were to support the candidate that is talking about the economic issues facing the vast majority of Americans, we could easily defeat that alleged populist Trump.

Just think: We could overwhelmingly win the election. Or, we could just support anyone but Sanders and get four more years of Trump.

By the way, we are not millennials. We are in our 60s and are working tirelessly to ensure a Sanders victory and a Green New Deal in California.

Leslie Simon and Marc Bender, Woodland Hills


To the editor: Sanders promises to spend $2.5 trillion on housing over the next 10 years. This is in addition to free college and free medical care. Whoopie.

I am 85 years old. Sanders is 78. Neither of us will be around much longer, but young voters will still be paying for this “free stuff” when they are our age.


Clay Wells, Newport Beach

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