Letters to the Editor: Young people for Bernie? Sanders excites older voters too

Bernie Sanders rally
Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks at a campaign rally at the Los Angeles Convention Center on March 1.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: As a 70-year-old supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination, I’m living proof that his so-called revolutionary proposals -- Medicare for all, the Green New Deal, free public college tuition, a living wage and a less bellicose foreign policy -- resonate with all voters, not just the young.

His rally in Los Angeles just before Super Tuesday was packed with enthusiastic voters of all ages and multiple ethnicities who together can take down the morally challenged person currently occupying the White House.

By focusing on how former Vice President Joe Biden can attract progressive support, Harold Meyerson like other mainstream pundits seems not to be able to stomach Sanders because he threatens the status quo. It’s time for real change to prevent the twin existential threats of nuclear war and environmental collapse.

Sanders is far and away our best hope for a livable future.


Alan Sutton, Laguna Niguel


To the editor: From my perspective it appears that young voters have more at stake then any other age group in this election. In the 2018 midterm, only 36% of the 18- to 29-year-olds voted, compared to 66% of people 65 and older.

The youth of America will the ones dealing with the climate disaster that will unfold within this century. They also risk witnessing the further degradation of democracy in this country and the elimination of our middle class.


It doesn’t take a college education, which most young people now have, to see why voting is more important then ever. As one very educated person once said, we get the government we deserve (or did not show up to vote for).

Dave Novis, Santa Barbara