Letters to the Editor: How can Trump’s critics possibly get through to his supporters?

President Trump
President Trump listens as Dr. Anthony Fauci speaks during the daily White House coronavirus briefing on April 4.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: Daily, I read pieces like Doyle McManus’ April 8 column on the president’s inability to take responsibility for anything, and similarly well-reported pieces on the ways he is failing the nation in this time of crisis. Every word in these stories is sickeningly true.

But sadly, this newspaper and realist readers like me and most of my friends are fundamentally preaching to the choir, as most die-hard supporters of President Trump either listen only to each other or tune in to Fox News.

Worse yet, I am amazed to realize that among this group are a few I considered to be discerning and intelligent people. Where are the truth-tellers going wrong in the effort to reach and rationalize with those who do not see the forest for the trees?


Barbara Pronin, Placentia


To the editor: McManus points out the obvious. Trump is flawed, and his failure to take responsibility is more of the same. His modus operandi is to deny and throw around the term “fake news” or to claim total ignorance of the facts.

What is unacceptable is that his Cabinet members, other elected Republicans and the people in his base have failed to stand up to him publicly and correct his misinformation in the way that Dr. Anthony Fauci has.

We must accept that Trump is what ails this nation, and the vaccine will be available in November.

Richard C. Armendariz, Huntington Beach


To the editor: Those who would not have banned travel with China when Trump did, or maybe ever, want us to believe they would have handled everything else sooner and better than Trump has.

Trump has not handled everything perfectly, but there is a reason Monday morning quarterbacks don’t get paid to make the calls in real time. Apparently, one need not even catch the coroanvirus for it to seriously worsen Trump Derangement Syndrome.

P.J. Gendell, Beverly Hills