Letters to the Editor: Treat clean energy like fossil fuel by giving it plenty of government money

The morning sun rises over solar panels at the Desert Sunlight solar farm in Desert Center, Calif.
( Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: The print headline for the article on a stimulus for renewable power projects reads, “Clean energy seeks another U.S. lifeline.”

It’s as if, first, this is all clean energy producers do, and second, fossil and nuclear fuels haven’t been gorging themselves at the public trough for way more money and way longer than clean energy ever has.

If clean energy had gotten the same handouts from the government that fossil and nuclear fuels have, today we would have a clean energy economy and a cleaner and much more healthful environment. What we have now is making us all sick, and we are the ones who have to pay the bill.


Another lifeline? Please.

Sara R. Nichols, Los Angeles


To the question: Of course the federal government should fund clean energy projects. We truly need a stimulus that will get many people back to work and, at the same time, be of benefit to all.

To fully understand why we need this, go outside and take a deep, deep breath. Luxuriate for a few moments in some deep inhaling. How special it is to be able to observe clear skies and breathe wonderful, pollution-free air!

If we have learned anything from this COVID-19 crisis, it is that we should not have to put up with dirty, carbon-filled air and skies dimmed by pollutants. We as a nation can take measures to provide a healthy environment for all, which is why we need to invest billions in clean energy projects.

Sally Louise White, Valencia