Letters to the Editor: An absurd, insulting comparison of social distancing to Nazi Germany

Protesting outside the Santa Barbara News Press
Protestors demonstrate outside the Santa Barbara News Press in 2015 after it published the headline “Illegals line up for driver’s license.”
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: As a second-generation Holocaust survivor whose grandmother’s sisters were exterminated in concentration camps and whose grandfather’s family was killed in pogroms, I must take issue with publisher Wendy McCaw’s editorial in the Santa Barbara News-Press.

How can she possibly equate having to stay home and stand in line outside supermarkets, both meant to serve the common good by protecting us from a virus, as “tyranny” on par with Nazi Germany? Her take on the horrors perpetrated in Nazi Germany betrays a lack of historical knowledge of any kind.

I can direct her to many sources from which she can learn about the deaths, crematoriums, experiments on humans, starvation and rounding up of innocents to be sent to the concentration camps.

As for the COVID-19 pandemic and the 70,000-plus Americans already killed because of it, McCaw’s empathy deficit and ignorance have been recorded for posterity.


Ellen Seiden, Manhattan Beach