Letters to the Editor: SpaceX’s Dragon is cost-concious, inspiring -- and really good-looking

Spectators watch from a bridge in Titusville, Fla., as a SpaceX Falcon rocket lifts off with NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken on board on May 30.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: This successful launch of two American astronauts from U.S. soil for the first time since 2011 offers a reminder of the greatness we can achieve even in a cost-conscious, public-private enterprise.

That said, it is astonishing how beautiful this spacecraft is.

From the slender sleekness of the rocket ensemble to the understated mood-lit capsule interiors, this enterprise marked a transition from the past. Clearly, design played a role, and while streamlining the mechanics, the engineering team took the time to enclose and organize them beautifully.

Even the spacesuits had a certain chicness. It’s a great contrast from the nuts-and-bolts, militarily engineered past.


This step forward proves that any endeavor can be done with grace and inspirational beauty without busting the bank. As controversial as SpaceX chief Elon Musk is, this is one thing he’s gotten dead right.

Michael Darner, Palm Springs


To the editor: It was very exciting to watch the SpaceX launch and delivery of our astronauts to the International Space Station, an achievement due to the public-private partnership of NASA and SpaceX.

While celebrating this success for the U.S., we are reminded of our equally successful collaboration with the Russian space program. Since 2011, Russia has provided safe and reliable transportation of American astronauts and supplies to the space station.

Great things happen when we work together.

John and Carol Bibb, Pacific Palisades


To the editor: In 1962, the U.S. government launched John Glenn into space, and he orbited the Earth. Some 58 years later, a private corporation manages to do the same, and it is newsworthy. Why?


It really serves to illustrate how the people in government do it better when they are allowed.

Bruce Stenman, Prunedale, Calif.