Letters to the Editor: A president who trashes the Postal Service doesn’t understand democracy

James Daniels
Letter carrier James Daniels walks on his mail delivery route in San Clemente on May 15.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Reporter Brittny Mejia’s article about San Clemente mail carrier James Daniels beautifully illustrates the importance of the United States Postal Service and why the Postal Preservation Act, which would provide the struggling agency with $25 billion in emergency funding, is so vital.

The post office helps democracy function — it sustains the civic life of this country. The USPS is not a business but a public service, something President Trump does not understand. When Trump called the Postal Service a “joke” earlier this year, he once again revealed his ignorance of the simple facts of how a democracy functions.

I thank Daniels for his outstanding service. May his faith, wisdom and dedication to his job be an example to all of us during these troubling times.


Holly Hall, Glendale


To the editor: Thank you for the wonderful front-page Column One piece about the postman in San Clemente. It was terrific.

It reflected what I’ve said all my life about the post office — that it is a foundational institution with truly dedicated people, from those at the counter in the office to the ones who deliver our mail. We are so fortunate as Americans to have such fine people working to keep us all connected.

I’ve always remembered my mother asking, “Has the mail arrived yet?” It was the event of the day. Even now in the age of instant news on television and online, we always ask the same question in our house. If I am fortunate, I will be going to the mail box just as the letter carrier is moving on, and he or she always waves and smiles, as a lifelong friend would.

Thanks to Mejia for her article on this one carrier, a reflection of all who work to give us excellent mail service.

Patrick O’Brien, San Juan Capistrano