Letters to the Editor: Refusing to wear a mask is the most brainless, selfish way to assert your liberty

Coronavirus protest
Protesters hold signs during a demonstration against COVID-19-related restrictions in Huntington Beach on May 9.
(Los Angeles Times)
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To the editor: It’s been very distressing to see the mask fiasco unfold here in Orange County. At Board of Supervisors meetings, people have complained that wearing a mask causes them to inhale too much of their exhaled carbon dioxide, which is utterly preposterous. Still, our supervisors have taken these complaints seriously, and our former health officer had to resign after receiving threats over her order for Orange County residents to wear masks in public.

This issue hits home. I would like to resume some semblance of a normal life (while wearing a mask, of course), but when I leave my home for a walk I must go to a relatively deserted neighborhood just so I feel safe.
It’s not as if we seniors are a tiny fraction of the population, yet too many others are so eager to assert their absolute personal freedom that they condemn thousands of vulnerable residents to lives in the shadows.

The novel coronavirus was, in fact, brand new, and much about how it spreads was unknown. After a few months of intense study, it has become clear that wearing a mask when distancing is the most effective way to limit the spread. This is a no-brainer, folks.


Glenna Matthews, Laguna Beach


To the editor: I once had a lovely neighbor from England who, as a child, survived the Nazi bombing of Coventry. She told me stories of having to wear gas masks, spending nights in bomb shelters, curfews, blackouts and rationing.

That lasted for five years.

But now, after fewer than four months, people have lost their minds and are declaring that they are done with the fascists running their lives — because, you know, freedom.

Throughout the evolution of life on Earth there have been periodic die-offs of animal groups that could not adapt. Today we may be witnessing the first voluntary die-off in the Earth’s history.

Mark Spiegel, Torrance


To the editor: I am a nurse at a large hospital and have cared for COVID-19 patients. I have seen how devastating this illness is.


I wish all of those foolish people refusing to mask up could spend a few minutes on a COVID-19 unit — but wait, they’d have to wear a mask if they did, or maybe not if they truly believe this is all made up.

Here are some comparisons I came up with that reflect this crazy time: Staying completely isolated at home is like abstinence, wearing a mask while going out is like safe sex, and wearing no mask is like unprotected sex.

Me, I’m going to stick with wearing a mask.

Ann Brady, Pasadena


To the editor: Why are so many people not wearing their face coverings? Maybe some like me have fibrosis in their lungs and therefore have difficulty breathing through a mask.

Harvey Pearson, Los Feliz


To the editor: The question of why so many people are opposed to wearing masks has been troubling me for some time.


After reading the utter nonsense of the mask doubters and their sheer abandonment of common sense, I’ve come to the conclusion that as a country our most dangerous comorbidity is our stupidity. And right now, it seems that Orange County is the sickest place of all.

Cynthia Monahan, Encinitas


To the editor: I swear, if some YouTube wellness “influencer” declared that wearing masks meant you could eat anything you wanted and not gain weight, every person protesting them now would be hoarding them like toilet paper.

But listen to a qualified, experienced health expert? Nah.

Marijane Miller, West Hollywood